Underpass Art Trail Launch

We’re delighted to announce that a brand new trail around the underpass artworks is now live! 👩‍🦽🚶🏃‍♀️🚴‍♂️🤸‍♂️ Wheel, walk, ride, run, or (if you want to be seriously impressive) cartwheel around the full 3 mile route.

Or, if you prefer, choose one of the suggested shortcuts, or find your own, to visit your favourite design. The downloadable guide, packed with fun facts, quiz questions and activities for all ages you can do along the way- and of course an all-important map- is available at https://valeandspa.co.uk/underpass/

A celebration of nature and community

Artist 7th Pencil worked with young people from Droitwich Spa High School to create a design celebrating the nature and community of the town.  The design reflects the power of mother nature and the enriching power of community and connection. The longwave signal is made visible, celebrating both a key element of Droitwich Spa history, and another example of how we connect with each other. 

Installation first started last year, but unfortunately had to be suspended when issues were discovered with the physical condition of the wall.  Thanks to work coordinated by Droitwich Spa Town Council, those issues are now resolved. We’re delighted to welcome 7th Pencil back to site.

Image of part-installed mural

A busy week sees three new mural installations

The Droitwich Underpass Art project added three more underpasses to its portfolio this week. Curtis Hylton and Andy Dice Davies have completed a pair of underpasses by Westacre Middle School, with themes of nature, space and an underwater adventure.

Andrew ‘Title’ Mills has also completed his second underpass of the project. The design at Crofters Hill was developed with young people from DAFFY, and celebrates the people and environment of Westlands.

The downloadable map shows the locations of the five completed sites. 





Droitwich Wonderland entertains and inspires

An inspiring and entertaining fusion of Alice in Wonderland with the history and community of Droitwich Spa is the theme of the second Droitwich Underpass Art installation to be completed.

Located at Paddock Hill in Westlands, the design was inspired by the ideas of students from the Cabin at Droitwich Spa High School, and created by Andrew Mills.  Find out more on the Droitwich Standard website. https://droitwichstandard.co.uk/news/droitwichs-rik-mayall-immortalised-in-towns-latest-underpass-artwork/


First installation nearly complete

The children from Westlands First School who were involved in creating the design for the Hunters Way underpass visited artists Chroma Chameleons yesterday (Thursday 7th April), and watched them in action as they installed the mural. Some of the students from Droitwich Spa High School, who have been involved with creating designs for some of the other sites, also came along to chat with the artists.

Read more from the Droitwich Standard

Ready to start…

The first mural installation is about to start. Children from Westlands First School worked with artists Chroma Chameleons to create an exciting immersive design for the Hunters Way underpass. Installation is about to commence, and we’re very excited to see the transformation take place.

Mural installation about to commence at Hunters Way