Annual General Meeting
The AGM of Droitwich Arts Network will take place on Wednesday 18th January 2023. Members will be invited by email.

Art at Droitwich Spa Railway Station
The Friends of Droitwich Spa Railway Station decided to install art work on the station.  Helen Karakashian, Chair of Droitwich Arts Network, was asked to find local artists to produce art work relevant to the area. On Tuesday 15th November several works were installed. Pen and ink drawings by talented 6th Form student from Droitwich High School, Lottie Mountford are are in the shelters on the Birmingham side of the platform. There are three art works in the blocked up windows of the red brick building on the Worcester side of the station. Lord of the Manor, by Rosie Philpott and two pastel works by Wendy Simmons.  Wendy’s pictures were created in collaboration with professional photographer Gail Braznell who used a drone to capture unique angles of the Hanbury Locks, and St. Peter’s Church and Lychgate.

Click on any image to enlarge. Photos taken by Martin Jones.