Tara Powell

Tara Powell is a Droitwich resident who originally hails from the Black Country and specializes in mixed media. She is an art fledgling and deeply grateful to her amazing teacher at the art classes she attends regularly. Tara is heavily influenced by the work of Tom Hicks, Tove Jansson and Ai Wei Wei. Her most recent work is a vibrant amalgamation of various media, which creates an arresting visual experience for the viewer. Much of her work is deeply rooted in her passion for exploring the interplay between the natural world and the man-made world of technology, data, surveillance and its subsequent dereliction. Through her art, Tara’s ultimate goal is to draw attention to the inherent dangers of living in an age where privacy is increasingly under threat. She aims to celebrate nature and remind us of its importance in our lives, while also highlighting the impact of our actions on the environment.

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Contact Tara Powell at tara.powell@forfendu.org