Colin Jack

Originally from Anstruther in Fife and now living in Worcester, I have painted for all of my life. My media are oils, acrylic/emulsion and soft pastel. I have exhibited widely, especially (for 29 years) my annual solo exhibition at the Pittenweem Arts Festival in Fife, now one of the largest events on the Scottish arts calendar. I have done demos and workshops for art societies for over 30 years, freelance and as a member of

I have no ‘usual style’ and would not like to have one. I prefer to experiment and try out different things, from palette knife impasto in oils to flat areas of colour in emulsion. My subjects include seascapes, snow scenes, nocturnes, landscapes, flowers, still life, abstracts, figures, surreal moonscapes and most recently, the style of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblocks. My paintings have been bought from all over the world as well as in the UK, including 2 belonging to Michael Steele of The Bangles.

I am a member of Worcester Society of Artists and of Droitwich Arts Network (DAN). My other interests include astronomy, especially photographing the night sky, poetry (which I wrote for some years, but the muse has deserted me), cricket (despite being Scottish) and playing guitar (despite being deaf).

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