Park’s Schedule

Park’s Café – The Schedule (subject to change)

Rosie Philpott is displaying her work in Park’s Café from 19 October to 6 November 2021.


16 November – Chris Walker
14 December – Lyn Davies and Stephen Evans


Jan. 3rd-31st. Wendy Simmons
Feb. 1st-28th. Ken Bell
March 1st-31st  Stephen Evans
April 1st-30th Lyn Sharp
May 3rd-31st Mike Crockett
June 1st-30th Trevor Hunter
July 1st-30th Karen Harmon
August 1st-31st. Jo Morris
September 1st-30th Rosie Philpott
October 1st-31st. Chris Walker
November 1st-30th. Vic Beaumont
December 1st-31st Tina Watkins