Tamara Jelaca

Tamara graduated in textile design from the University of Belgrade (Serbia) in 1996, and since then she has worked as a freelance textile artist as well as a fashion designer (in sportswear and knitwear companies). She works in fields of contemporary textiles and mixed-media visual arts, mostly using embroidery technique. Tamara took part in numerous group exhibitions and art projects in Serbia and abroad (Switzerland, Italy, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Sweden, France, Spain, Bolivia, South Korea, United Kingdom) and presented her work in 10 solo exhibitions.

In 2004 Tamara was in Estonia as an artist in residence in cultural centre MoKS (Mooste KülalisStuudio). Her 6-piece hand woven tapestry “Mouth by Mouth” is part of the collection of tapestries at “Atelje 61″ in Novi Sad, Serbia. In 2005. she won “El Premio Integración” at “4th International Art Biennial, SIART 05” in La Paz, Bolivia.

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Artist statement
With embroidery, I like the fact I can touch the line. I can feel the drawing. Every and each line or the effect is made consciously in more or less controlled actions. Embroidery for me is a kind of meditation. The process is slow, the drawing is showing up slowly. That allows me to think through the subject again and again during the process of creating it. Sometimes, I start to work on the new piece with a very hazy idea and, while stitching, using a stream of consciousness technique, I’m building my idea to the finalisation. I always look for an inspiration around me. It can be a song, a book, a person or particular situation, even TV programme or newspaper article. I am also a very introspective person and, therefore, a great source for the inspiration.

Contact: tam.jelaca@outlook.com