Stephen Evans


My wife and I live in Droitwich and I’m a Member of Droitwich Arts Network (DAN). When I retired in 2004, following a 30 year career with the NHS Ambulance Service, I have enjoyed spending more time developing my art. I’m self-taught and over the years I have been influenced by the styles of the French Impressionists and artists such as Seago, Montague Dawson and David Shepherd.

I get Inspiration for my work from various sources but mainly I use my own photographs and those sent to me by family and friends. I like to challenge myself to paint any subject that interest and excites me, as will be seen by the range of works in my exhibition, which allows me to continue developing my own unique style of painting. All my earlier works were painted in pastel chalks, particularly my series of endangered wild animals, but have enjoyed working in watercolour for several years now. However, pastels do work well with watercolour so I occasionally incorporate them in a painting when desiring specific tones or effects. Also, I have recently started to enjoy using acrylics and, like pastels, I have on occasion included them in some of my paintings with some great results.

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I have held several solo exhibitions at Droitwich Library and have displayed work in various galleries in and around Worcester and Hereford. Several years ago I was featured in two county magazines,’ Worcestershire Living’ and, as I originate from Shrewsbury, the article was also published in the Shropshire magazine ‘Verve’.

As members of Droitwich Arts Network ( DAN ), we receive tremendous support from many people and venues in and around the town for displaying our work. And, where over the years, I have been fortunate to sell some of my paintings and attracted several commissions.

Stephen H. Evans
Member of Droitwich Arts Network (DAN).
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