Drink and Draw

Before the COVID-19 lockdowns restricted activities, a number of venues were offering “Drink and Draw”, “Drink and Paint”, or “Drink and Doodle” events. The concept is based on creating a casual party atmosphere where people leave their cares behind and go home with a one-of-a-kind sketch or painting they create during the session. Participants meet other people, enjoy a few drinks, and unleash their inner-artist. 
As well as drinks, the venues often provide background music, and sometimes models. There are no rules, no boundaries, just full blown creative energy. For those who need help or some advice, the organiser may even have a teacher who will share some art tricks. Drink and Draw found popularity in New York in recent years and now the trend has been imported to the UK. True to its name, this is an art class for both seasoned scribblers and clueless beginners. But with alcohol.