Drink and Draw

Before the COVID-19 lockdowns restricted activities, a number of venues were offering “Drink and Draw”, “Drink and Paint”, or “Drink and Doodle” events. The concept is based on creating a casual party atmosphere where people leave their cares behind and go home with a one-of-a-kind sketch or painting they create during the session. Participants meet other people, enjoy a few drinks, and unleash their inner-artist. 
As well as drinks, the venues often provide background music, and sometimes models. There are no rules, no boundaries, just full blown creative energy. For those who need help or some advice, the organiser may even have a teacher who will share some art tricks. Drink and Draw found popularity in New York in recent years and now the trend has been imported to the UK. True to its name, this is an art class for both seasoned scribblers and clueless beginners. But with alcohol.

What a Corker!


DAN Member Rhys Jones has sent in a photo of a glass container in his house full of corks from bottles of sparkling wine. He doesn’t remember drinking that number of bottles, but who would?

Yet another possible picture for the third page of the next monthly newsletter.

Taking the dog to the pub

DAN member Lynda Sharp painted this picture for her husband. He would take their dear dog Jess (now gone, sadly) to the local for a pint. When Lyn asked how many pints, her husband always replied 17.
This became a standing joke for many years!
This photo may well appear on the extra page in next month’s newsletter.

DAN Member’s Home Fermentation

One DAN artist has found a way to reduce his wine bill. Stephen Evans is making wine from his own grapes with no aaditives. Steve admits that the image is not exactly artistic, but certainly captures his creativity!
Apparently it is quite addictive  and Steve hopes it will see them through to the end of lockdown!

This photo may well appear on the extra page in next month’s newsletter.


Art and Alcohol

Ancient Egyptian, Relief of Ptahhotep before offering table at Necropolis (ca. 2400 BC)

For as long as there have been people, people have been drinking, and for as long as they’ve been drinking, they’ve been turning their rabble-rousing into art. Whether used for ceremonial offerings or as social lubricant, alcohol has provided ample inspiration to artists and intellectuals the world over.

In fact, the word “symposium” is derived from the ancient Greek sympinein, meaning “to drink together.” Every culture has some association with a spirit of revelry (Bacchus, the god of wine, is particularly prominent in Western art history). The case has also been made for alcohol to serve a medicinal purpose — an “antifogmatic” to clear the cobwebs from one’s brain.


Fernando Botero, Three Women Drinking (2006)
Peder Severin Kroyer, ‘Hip Hip Hurrah!’ Artists’ Party at Skagen (1888).


Arts and Crafts Newsletter Section

We are launching a themed Art and Crafts section of the newsletter. Imagine a whole third page featuring pictures of all forms of artworks be it art, poetry, creative writing, sculpture, music and drama!
January’s theme is ALCOHOL. Something we are either enjoying, going Dry January or not imbibing at all, and as such provides much scope for our imagination. These could be funny, serious or just plain silly! The themed art work need not be framed or any particular size. Tina Watkins just needs a photo with your name to show in the coming newsletters. It really is just to be a bit of fun and to see what our members can create quickly. Last day for receipt is 27th January for the February newsletter.

Ready for 2021

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