13 thoughts on “Virtual Exhibition Number 1

  1. I really enjoyed this , so well presented too .
    Well done everybody involved .
    Thank you .

  2. I am so proud of our members! It is lovely to see the variety of styles and genres and to see some of the work created during lockdown.
    Thank you to all involved!

  3. I volunteered to create a simple gallery of artwork from our members. But when I received videos and sound tracks, I realised that I would need to create a video file. That was a steep learning curve! The variety of work submitted was amazing, and it was a real pleasure to create and publish the video.
    I am sure we will do this again, and maybe next time we will show sale prices and give contact details for the artists, so that people can purchase items.

  4. A lovely idea. The mix of an audio visual sequence, a short story, a bit of music, some photography makes a very complete show.
    You have brought the arts together. I hope you do so again.
    You might have started something here, other productions I hope will follow and very probably from other districts who have the fortune to learn from this.
    I always wanted an artist to talk to us photographers.

  5. As a musical contributor I have found putting items online a valuable experience during lockdown. It has sorted out what I really know. Thanks to Rhys for providing the platform .

  6. Great diverse collection , very enjoyable. Made me realise I should get over my reluctance to embrace technology when such wonderful results are produced. Can,t wait to meet up with this inspiring group of art people again. producing art can be a bit lonely when you cannot share so this video is a fabulous idea.

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